Sainfoin seed


Onobrychis sativa

Genus: Onobrychis

Species: viciifolia

Family Name: Leguminosae/Fabaceae

Synonym: Onobrychis sativa

Seed Catalogue No.: 918D

English Name(s): Sainfoin

Colour: Pink/Rose

Lighting Conditions: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Soil Type: Chalk, Sand, Loam

Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral

Moisture: Well-drained

Germination Instructions

Sow directly in spring or autumn. Prior to sowing soak seed for 24-48 hours in warm water or until the seed swells. Discard seeds that float. Sow 10-20mm deep into prepared soil which has been raked to a fine tilth and watered. Ideal temp. 10°C. but germination will occur between 10-20°C. Germination should be rapid, varying slightly with weather conditions. Thin seedlings as required.

Growing Instructions

Prefers a chalky, dry, ordinary soil in full to partial sun. This plant will not grow in the shade. Requires little attention.

Cultivation Instructions

Requires little attention. Can be cut back to ground level after flowering. Propagate by division or established clumps in spring.

When to Sow (outdoors): March, April, May, September, October, November

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