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standard wheatgrass

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Nordan crested wheatgrass

Agropyron desertorum is a perennial crop that is grown in areas across North America. Since it can be regrown over many years, A. desertorum has become a useful crop within the agricultural field. This plant species is a type of crested wheatgrass that is used as a common grazing crop. It is especially used for beef cattle that are raised for human food production. A study was performed to test the specific cattle grazing preferences for different types of crested wheatgrass. Diploid cultivars of crested wheatgrasses were compared to tetraploid cultivars of Agropyron desertorum

This particular species of wheatgrass is resilient to temperate climate changes, especially through the varying rainfall that occurs in the Great Basin of North America

During the growing season of Agropyron desertorum there is rapid rainfall in the Great Basin, and it has been found that this plant species can positively respond to this temporary increase in water. Agropyron desertorum is still capable of nitrogen uptake, even during the stressful times of its growing season, and it is able to survive and continue to grow.