About Us

Pakan Bazr Esfahan

Pakan Bazr Esfahan is an Iranian private joint stock company, providing deferent kinds of seeds to the customers. Founded in 1998, Pakan Bazr Esafan has focused its activities on improving seed technology and offering higher quality in agricultural, natural resources, landscapes, and medicinal seeds and plants. Using the latest science and research achievements of seed technology in Iran and the world, and having the best experts and professionals of this technology, Pakan Bazr Esfahan has been able to start an entrepreneurship in seed technology to the extent that it is often of the bests in the big local entrepreneurship festivals. Of the most prominent features of Pakkan Bazr Esfahan are the production and processing of alfalfa seed by the most modern sorting machines like the Italian magnetic dodder removal machine, creation of a private seed bank for the first time in Iran, and sorting and packaging of rangeland seeds. The goals of Pakan Bazr Esfahan are based on the improvement of Iran's seed technology, guarantee of the high quality, and the production of accredited seeds according to the global standards.